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Tony | August 25, 2013


Had the good fortune to fotograf Charlotte Gray this summer, for
Ottawa Magazine.

Charlotte is just about to publish a true-crime book about some
pretty gothic events that took place in the early 1900’s.

Fortunately for me, the day we shot was overcast and threatening
rain. Also fortunately for me I had decided to do this shoot with
my Mamiya 7 and one roll of film (10 frames) so it didn’t take too
much time.

We had just finished the last frame when the rain came down.

The spread

The fotograf

I also spent some time with Phoenix. She had a heart transplant
when she was 5 months old. The real story, though, was how the
donor family and the recipient family found each other (against
medical advice and convention) and became close friends. This
was shot for Today’s Parent magazine.




Been working away at this project. And the more I work the more
ideas I get. Ways to flesh it out, add nuance and wrinkle. What
began as shooting from a list has turned into an interesting

I’ve been trying to keep my big mouth shut about this project,
trying to not show all the pix as they come out. (Despite the
fact that there is an edit from the first year of shooting on my
web site. But, like I say, this thing is becoming more complex
and multifaceted than that edit would lead you to believe. I’m
surprising myself and enjoying the chase and evolution and
expect that the final sequence will be more complex than what’s
on view now.)

I will, however, be showing some new Official Ottawa pix here
from time to time.

This week I found an inside man to help me get access to Centre
Block, Parliament Hill. There was a specific thing I wanted to shoot
there, one I have never seen a foto of. While I was there I took the
time to shoot a few other views of that august edifice.

Here’s one of those. . .

Queen Victoria, Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, August, 2013


Christina Riley worked for me way back when ten years ago. We
got on like a house on fire, totally got each other’s funniness.

Christina, 2003

Then she moved to California where she’s been living ever since.
I see her when she comes to Kapital City to visit her family and I
dropped in on her when I was down there a few years ago. We are
what you might call close.

Me and Xtina, Cali, February, 2011

She dropped by this week. She’d been in NYC where her band,
Burnt Palms, were recording their second album. When they
were done she made the short hop from there to here.

Xtina, Ottawa, August, 2013

Anyway, the reason I bring all this up is because as well as being
a musician, she’s also a hell of a fotografer. STRAYLIGHT Press is
planning to publish her body of work called Welcome Back To Me.
It’s a tale of love and madness, told in the first-person.

She’s still working on the edit and has to kind of deal with her
band’s album release so this is a long-term project. But I’m
really looking forward to working with Christina on this and,
eventually, making the work public.

Here are a few fotos from Welcome Back To Me. Look for it
in a year or so.



Tony | August 18, 2013



Rob Hornstra and Don Weber were going to be in Toronto,
conducting a workshop. The folks from the Boreal Collective
thought it might be a good idea to plan an event around that
event, if you know what I mean.

Thus was Boreal Bash conceived. Three evenings of free talks
and a couple of days of portfolio reviews. All to be held in a
slightly seedy Italian restaurant, Ciros. Perfect.



The event was financed by holding the reviews. For $30 you
got to meet 4 reviewers (your choice, first come first served)
for 1/2 an hour each. Thirty bux!!! These things usually cost
200, 300, more, dollars.

And you weren’t showing yer work to pretenders, hobbyists
or any other form of attention-seeking foto-wankers, either.
The community rallied behing this thing and the reviewers
included Don Weber, Clare Jordan, Myles Mccutcheon, Erin
Elder, Chris Wahl, Louie Palu, Ronit Novak, and so on. All
industry leading photo editors and photographers. And
you got to sit ouside and drink beer while you were at it.

Getting ready for portfolio reviews

Don Weber talking with Chloe Ellingson

The vibe was lively, collegial and full of good humor. The
place was crawling with fotogs, folks interested in fotografy
and industry-types, too.


The talks were standing room only and a video and audio
feed was available on the back patio for the overflow.

The Boreal Collective folks are photojournalists and/or
documentary fotogs. The people they invited to talk were,
for the most part, those who are interested in telling stories
with fotos, interested in politics and the wide world beyond
their bellybuttons. (This, as opposed to what seems to be
the prevalent mode of foto-practice in Kapital City, where I
reside: the production of inward looking, beautifully rendered,
capital “P”, fotografs that are meant to be precious in and of
themselves.) I loved it when Don W. said of the rejection on an
image from the final edit of his book, Interrogations: “It’s just
a fucking picture. I loved it but it didn’t fit so we cut it and then
went for pizza. I love pizza”.

Laurence Butet-Roch speaking

Rob Hornstra and Don Weber

But I don’t really want to give you a precis of what was said. You
had to be there. If you were you were lucky. If not, too bad.

Boreal Bash was an unforgettable event, one of those rare times
when everything comes together, when fellow travelers converge
and something great happens. Learning. Friendship. Warmth. Growth.
Plans were hatched, thoughts were thought and questioned, there
were visions and revisions. Lots of talking and laughing before,
between and after the talks, too. Everyone was amazed by what
was happening.

Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Brett Gundlock

Clare Jordan

I’ve been to stuff like this before, some were good, some were
sort of stupid. But, like I said, this Bash was exceptional, the
stars aligned and something magical happened.

And then it was over. The crowd drifted away, each person, I’m
sure, happy to have been there and grateful to the Boreal folk
for making this happen.

Don Weber, Johan Halberg-Campbell and Rob Hornstra

But it wasn’t really over.

Some of us walked to an empty lot in otherwise occupied Toronto.
We lit a rebel fire, talked and wondered some more. Shot the shit
and roasted marshmallows.




And then, when the time came, I climbed through a hole in the fence
and onto the tracks that will take me where I want to go.


Boreal Collective: XXXX
Rob Hornstra: XXXX
Don Weber: XXXX


I will be holding a one nite workshop this coming Thursday.

The title is: “LIVE A LITTLE” and the subtitle is: “Tactics and strategies to
add risk to your photography”.

Now, some might think I want you all to go out and be mini-me’s, head
to the rough fringe and see what happens.

Not true.

I believe that the only way to progress as a serious fotografer is to be
true. . .true to yourself and how that “yourself” relates to whatever it
is you want to explore fotografically.


So this workshop will look at ways and means for the participants to
get out of the doldrum of their fotografy, get out of doing what you
do because everyone else is doing it that way, or, maybe, because
that’s just they way you are used to doing it. Your groove has become
a rut.

No matter what you are interested in fotografing, I believe that there
is a way for fotografers to learn a better, or at least different, way to
approach the subject. That involves risk. Not necessarily physical risk,
but maybe some emotional risk. But without risk there is no reward.

So come on down and live a little. (95 bux, 25 if you are a student.)

Enroll here: XXXX


STRAYLIGHT Press is pleased to announce that the Stacy Kranitz book,
“FROM the STUDY on POST- PUBESCENT MANHOOD” is now shipping.

Sending the pre-orders to their new homes

Small in size (5 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches) but packed with imagery (80 fotos)
and dense with emotion, this book is limited to 100 copies.

Here’s a link to an very interesting interview Stacy did with Mother Jones
magazine. She talks about the process of shooting a story for them about
Meth in Kentucky. The fotos are amazing, too. XXXX

And some shots of the book. Each one is signed and numbered by Stacy.
Buy it here: XXXX.



VICE interviewed me about LTT. Lots of rarely seen fotos in the slide show.

See it here: XXXX



Tony | August 10, 2013

Taking another week off. Back next week with a report from
Boreal Bash.

If you are in Toronto today (Sunday the 11th) drop by and
listen to Laurence Butet-Roch (all the way from Paris, where
she works for Polka magazine), me, and Rob Hornstra (all the
way from The Netherlands.) Monday it’s Clare Jordan (PE for
magazines at the Globe and Mail) and Don Weber (Vll).

The talks are free.



Tony | August 4, 2013

drool is taking a couple of weeks off. It’s summer, don’t you know.

Before I unplug, three reminders:

STEPH & ME in TIME magazine: XXXX



Tune in August 18th for the lowdown on the Bash.

And now. . . .a foto.

Civil servants protesting outside the Prime Minister’s Office, Ottawa, 2013